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About Us

If the crane can do it, We can do it!

Brian and Dorothy established BMR Cranes almost twenty years ago, in 1996. At the time, Brian had just left his job working as a crane operator in the mines and the building industry in Mackay was just starting to flourish.

They started off with just one 14-tonne Franna crane and a couple of years later they upgraded to a 20-tonner. Today, they have grown their business to become Mackay’s most recognised crane hire company and now boast three 20-tonne cranes for hire. Our service areas also include Sarina and Nebo.

BMR Cranes tries to employ the best experienced crane operators and dogmen in the industry; Brian himself has thirty years experience operating cranes and has seen just about every lifting scenario possible in the industry. He has lifted pianos over patios, fridges over fences and has even helped out a mate by lifting a massive tiger shark – check out our gallery for pictures!

Brian and Dorothy are also passionate about giving back to the Mackay community wherever possible, and have provided free services to several local sports clubs to help put their lights up for night time games as well as helping out some local BMX clubs.

Brian is on call 24/7 to help with any emergency jobs, like lifting cars that have rolled in car accidents, and is also available for weekend bookings. No job is too big or too small for BMR Cranes and we are happy to work on residential jobs, building or construction sites and industrial jobs – simply call on 0419 685 152 to arrange a booking and receive a free estimate.

To enquire about BMR Crane’s twenty tonne crane hire services, fill in the form on our contact page or shoot us an email on

Crane Lifting Metal Beam — Cranes in Mackay, QLD
Residential crane hire for moving heavy furniture or ensuring that the tree that you’re cutting down doesn’t land on your house.

Teal Crane and Workers — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

We specialise in lifting timber, steel and concrete panels as well roofing and pool installments.

Teal Crane — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

If you have an emergency give us a call on 0419 685 152– if we can help, we will.

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Industrial crane hire for loading and unloading trucks or moving heavy equipment in factories.