Crane Lifting Large Beam - Cranes in Mackay, QLD


Residential Crane Hire: Hire a crane to move furniture, large trees and just about anything else!

No job is too big or small for Brian and his team of experienced crane operators and dogmen. If you have an item of furniture, large outdoor items or anything else that needs to be lifted and moved then contact us today.

We pride ourselves on our great reputation, reliable service and years of experience – we are one of Mackay’s oldest crane hire companies and we love being able to help the Residents of Mackay, Sarina, and Nebo. For more information about BMR Cranes and our history, click here.

Our residential crane hire services are suitable for:

Moving House: If you are moving in or out of a residence and have large items of furniture such as fridges, lounge suites or pianos that are either too large to be carried by removalists or do not fit through the front door, contact BMR Crane Hire. We have experience in a host of different residential scenarios including lifting a piano over a patio and through the sliding doors of a second story balcony.

Tree Lopping: If you are chopping down a large tree in your front or back yard and are worried of the direction that it might fall, we’ll send one of our 20-tonne Franna cranes to hold the tree and ensure that it does not fall on your house.

Non-residential Crane Hire: We’ve lifted and moved just about anything you can think of – we once lifted a sea plane in and out of the water so that it could be repaired. We’ve also lifted a giant tiger shark that got caught in the shark nets (check out the pictures in our Gallery!). We believe that we can lift and move pretty much anything – as long as the crane can do it, we can do it!

If you have something big that needs to be moved, and you have no idea how to do it, give Brian at BMR Cranes a call today on 0419 685 152. With over 30 years experience in operating cranes, if he can’t find a solution, no one will be able to.

Crane Lifting Metal Beam — Cranes in Mackay, QLD
Residential crane hire for moving heavy furniture or ensuring that the tree that you’re cutting down doesn’t land on your house.

Teal Crane and Workers — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

We specialise in lifting timber, steel and concrete panels as well roofing and pool installments.

Teal Crane — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

If you have an emergency give us a call on 0419 685 152– if we can help, we will.

Teal Crane Lifting Concrete Block — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

Industrial crane hire for loading and unloading trucks or moving heavy equipment in factories.