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Industrial Crane Hire in Mackay

Owner and Manager of BMR Cranes, Brian, worked as a crane operator in the mines for 8 years. This experience has given him skills that other crane operators may not have, such as knowing how to lift and roll one of the big buckets that has come in from the mines for painting or repair. He is also no stranger to the site procedures and requirements for the mine sites either. We work throughout Mackay, Sarina, Nebo, and beyond.

Brian and his team of operators and dogmen are also happy to take any site inductions that may be required of them to commence a job.
No task is too big for our three 20-tonne Frannas, and BMR Cranes have experience doing industrial lifting jobs such as:
  • Loading and unloading heavy machinery and equipment for trucking and boating companies.
  • Moving large transformers and engines.
  • Lifting gear that’s coming in from the mines for repair.
  • Moving heavy machinery in and out of factories,
  • Heavy lifting jobs at Mackay Harbour (boat engines etc).
Our experienced crane operators and dogmen have also had experience doing triple and even quadruple lifts, where multiple 20-tonner cranes are used to lift and move heavy industrial equipment like big tanks or heavy machinery. We also supply block cages, lifting clutches and spreader bars when needed.
Additionally, BMR Cranes supports the heavy lifting at Mackay Harbour and its industrial workshops. No matter what boat or motor needs to be lifted, Brian and his team help to minimise the repair time with their hands on quality service.

To book one or more of our 20 tonne Frannas for an industrial job, call Brian today on 0419 685 152.

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Teal Crane — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

If you have an emergency give us a call on 0419 685 152– if we can help, we will.

Teal Crane Lifting Concrete Block — Cranes in Mackay, QLD

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