Our Cranes

BMR Cranes offer an affordable Franna crane hire service to all of Mackay and surrounding areas

BMR Cranes currently have three 20 tonne Franna cranes available for hire in Mackay. Franna cranes are one of the most well known brands of cranes in Australia. They are well made, reliable and sturdy and are capable of lifting and moving just about anything from industrial equipment to cars or even pianos!

At BMR Cranes, all of our Franna cranes are 20-tonners which means that they are suitable for lifting up to twenty tonnes at a radius of 1.4 meters. As the radius changes, so does the lifting capacity; please refer to the points below as well as the image to the right for more information.

Capabilities: AT 20-3

  • 20 tonne at 1.4 m radius
  • 60 tonne at 15.8 m radius
  • 17 m maximum hook height
  • Hook block (4 parts) capacity 16.8 tonne
  • Single line 4.2 tonne
  • For more detailed information, click here to download a datasheet for the Pick and Carry AT 20-3 Crane.

All of our Franna cranes are available for hire within Mackay and surrounding areas, and an experienced crane driver and dogman operate them all. We are also able supply additional equipment such as a lifting clutch, spreader bar or block cage if the job requires.

For more information about our cheap Franna crane hire services in Mackay, call us today on 0419 685 152.